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Roman has truly mastered the art of teaching this material. He understands how to break down the topics to anyone at at any level. This is a skill that is lost when attending other classroom instruction. Yes, it's impressive for an instructor to have multiple CCIE's as in other course offerings at other vendors and especially Roman here with 6 but to find someone that possesses his skill level and that can truly TEACH the material is a blessing. I definitely learned a lot in this bootcamp. It was very challenging. Most of all, you are left with plenty of direction in your preparation. I do recommend this particular bootcamp as it is the best combination of lecture and lab while covering the entire blueprint. Make sure to try to learn most of the topics before coming as it is not an intro to the topics. It is not a beginners or learning the fundamentals type class. If you cover the material beforehand at a fundamental level, you'll find a lot of clarification throughout the tougher topics like Inter-AS MPLS VPN, CSC, Multicast VPN and Inter-AS Multicast VPN. But also, you'll gain a deeper level of understanding of the core topics like MPLS, MPLS VPN, etc. As others in the review section and the class outline has indicated, the lecture will cover the blueprint during the 1st and maybe part of the 2nd day but the rest of the week is lab. During the lab portion each student will have his own virtual rack to configure the Master Lab(s) section by section and Roman will go over each section with the class after they're through configuring that particular section. In this bootcamp there was one thing that particularly stood out for me. I especially liked how Roman is completely approachable when needing help understanding a particular topic that he already went over. Not only will he stop what he's doing to help you but he also will constantly ask everyone one-by-one in the classroom to see if you have any questions or need help with a particular area. So, there is plenty of one-on-one instruction if needed. Roman has a passion for technology and teaching and genuinely wants you to succeed. I am not a CCIE just yet but when I do achieve my magic number I know that this bootcamp was critical during my preparation. Thanks, Albert Ignacio
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    ieMentor is a Cisco reseller
In September 2010, our business operations were extended to include Cisco Premier Partnership. In addition to training provider, we are now also a Cisco reseller and IT solution provider.
    Roman Rodichev 6xCCIE#7927
Roman passed Wireless exam becoming 1st in the world with six active CCIEs.
    Announcing new CCIE Storage products
New CCIE Storage Workbook v2, Walkthrough Workbook v2, VRACK v2, and Personal Bootcamp v2 are now available.
    ieMentor CCIE Hall of Fame
Our list of CCIEs is growing. Service Provider - 56. Storage - 32. Voice - 2. (The list is incomplete)

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ieMentor is a Cisco reseller, IT solution provider, and a CCIE training company.

Introduction to Dynamips

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ieMentor CCIE Storage VRACK v2.0

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